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gilmore clan tartan

I know another family here in the States that have both those names common in their family as well from that area; but as of yet we have found no relationship to each other. Pattern. Ed & Joyce Thomas: 7/30/99 12:00 AM: Lesley Robertson wrote: > Robert McKay wrote in message > > > > There may not be a Westwater clan. I came to London in 1961 and he followed me. Parish Church of Alloa (Clackmannan) His marriage entry says he was a Carter from Logie Janet Miller was b about 1771. Does anyone have an Alex Gilmour/Mary Morrison connection? We traditionally make our tartan flat caps in a lightweight 10oz wool, however sometimes your tartan is only available in the heavier 16oz fabric, or if you simply want a warmer, or more solid feel to your cap you can order the Heavyweight Tartan … Gilmore of the Clan Murray - Scottish Clan & Sept 11x17 History Print - Tartan, Buckle, Crest, Last Name Surname Meaning, Genealogy, Family Tree Research Aid, Roots, Ancestry, Ancestors and Namesakes: Posters & Prints I would love to find out I had other relatives in Canada. My name is Kathryn Gold, I am posting here to possibly find the correct Helen Gilmore 6/18/1920 that I have been searching for…. YES William was scottish and Yes I am of Scottish blood decent. It is possibly derived from the Gaelic Gille Moire, meaning follower or devotee of Mary. I believe Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour lived in Ontario. The only other new information I have is to look in the New Mills area. Decorate your living room or bedroom furniture or use it to keep warm. After his death, she married William Freer-my GGF. My grandmother was daughter of Alexander Gilmour and my grandfather was a son of William Gilmour THANKS In 1226 Olaf the Black became King of Man and the Isles. Select colours for your palette. Mary. I’m sure is the right direction. ok hope this helps …. The clan Ross fought for Robert the Bruce against the English during the Scottish Wars of Independence, but sided with the Government forces during the 18th century Jacobite uprising. On a souvent tendance à penser que le kilt (filleadh beag en gaélique) est porté depuis de nombreux siècles en Écosse. So I have more research to do on my family genealogy. C’est en fait à la fin du 18ème siècle que le kilt s’y serait imposé. In the hopes that you will see this latest message I can tell you that I can be reached at 604-563-1357, Vancouver (I don’t know what the other prefatory numbers are for you when phoning from abroad) and you can reverse the charges. Hi all, I’m from Albany, western Australia. I think his father would be Ralph _ Gilmour, but i do not know…. Hello Graham I am of clan Gilmour. His parents were Andrew Gilmour and Ann Jane Gilmour, nee Mullen. However it is also mentioned in company with Gillander the Great Chief of Cumberland around 1140 and Gilmour/re his son perhaps means “Gill the Big”. My Father was Reverend William Gilmour and he was born in Ogagh, N. Ireland. I just read the obituary of my great grandfather in the Wellington Post, what a wonderful thing to have, thank you. I have taken a DNA test and I am related to several branches of the Gilmore’s. Their daughter, Anna Elizabeth Gilmore married first Nelson Maxfield. The first recorded clan Ross chief was Fearcher Mac an t-Sagirt ("Son of the priest" in English) - in 1234 he also became the first Earl of Ross, as recognised by King Alexander II of Scotland. Hello my husbands grandfather came to America when he was 19 Entered through Elis Island when his family arrived in 1916. Im a Gilmour born in Paisley, hoping to find relatives living in Oz by the name of Craig, William and Gary Gilmour. William had proven himself as a decent good man as he helped many.William became Mayor of township Wallsend. I’m related to the Richard & Christine Gilmore family born in Farnham, Canada and relocated to Newbedford Massachusetts.. My Great Grandfather was Patrick Gilmore born 7-2-1891. area in the mid 1800s from Tullylish. Your Scottish Coat of Arms proudly displayed along with your Family Name History. At least nothing for sure. Check out thors hammer woodcraft, you will be amazed! ok bye for now & good luck.. Robert Gilmour. They generally wore the tartans that were available to them, that were proper to their class, and that appealed to the person choosing the fabric. New South Wales Australia. And they moved to Carlisle in Cumbria in the Uk. The local library here has much Gilmour family history also the historical Society here of which I am a member. I’ve been in Winnipeg, Canda for the last 20 years but my parents and I emigrated from Yorkshire, England. Then Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire. My uncle is doing the family tree. Cheers all. Hello – I was just back on the site, looking for references to Gillmor.. My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor, from Manor Hamilton in Ireland. Le tartan est une étoffe de laine à carreaux de couleurs, typique des peuples celtes. also Newcastle city archives. most resided in Iowa. I am not so keen on the modern but had a kilt made about 15 years ago in the ancient. 1912 ) of Greenock, Scotland came to canada in 1929 to arrive In Quebec and then onto Windsor, Ontario. I also found the house that William Gilmour Snr and family lived in. The dark skin may well be from the Irish Gilmour’s, thanks. Yes, they did . Is any of the following relevant to your Gilmores? Im from a large family of Gilmours in Cumbria. William became Mayor of township Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle. Hello all my fellow clansmen (and women ) I am visiting Scotland in August/September this year so would be great to have some places to visit. My Dad was Charles and my mother was Mona. Mary I found the grave of William the Matriarch of family Gilmour. I can supply info on this So glad I found this site. He was from Paisley in Scotland. James as middle name is very common to Scottish …….. My pop was Harold James Gilmour WW1 My dad Archibald James.Gilmour, Me Robert James Gilmour, William James Gilmour the matriarch of earlier times bringing his family to Australia. Thanks, My dads name is craig Gilmour and my grandfathers name is David Gilmour. Your plaid and clan history, with tartans directly sourced from 1000s of Scottish mills. 308K; Historical Documents79K; Birth, Marriage, and Deaths8K; Military Records 20K; Immigration Records79K; Census and Voter Lists119K; Member Trees. He moved to Australian and married Jane Howard. The farthest back we are able to trace was Thomas Gilmore married to Marion Sterling a son John Gilmore married Agnes Anderson, There are A few Gilmour’s in Winnipeg, my grandfather emigrated to Canada in the early teens, was a paper boy in Toronto in 1913. traced us back to James Gilmore in Pasisley born 1643 from Scotland to Londonderry and then the US, Our Gilmores James and his wife Isabel were from Paisley sons were born in Londonderry, Ulster Ireland and then across to Boston and Virginia John Married Margaret Thompson Thomas and Marian Sterling. William was a miner He became Mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle NSW. ive heard many storys of the origin of Gilmour, i even heard one of a viking prince that was shipwreaked in scotland and his son was called ghille mhoire, im a Gilmour and i live in scotland near glasgow, just think if we all traced back our familys we could all be distant relatives. While I’d have to check with my Dam for a lot of the specifics, I know I’m descended from a Sam Gilmore/Gilmour, one of a family of brothers by our mutual name who emigrated from the Isle Of Lewis (Morrisson Clan, as with many of the folk who’ve posted) in the late 1700s-early 1800s off of Scotland, descendants then, by legend (as I understand it) descendants of several Viking families who were shipwrecked just off Lewis centuries beforehand, which led to the Morrisson Clan branch I’m descended from being carved or assembled, traditionally, from driftwood. I pat the graves to feel the vibration of a life now gone. Thanks, Tom. William became mayor of township Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle. I am 3rd generation Seattle born Gilmour living in Portland, OR. She was raised in Philadelphia. William became Mayor of township of Wallsend. They did do the decent thing in 1946 and handed Craigmillar over to the nation. Brieve Gilmore Gilmour Judge MacBrieve Morison Elmore Shop the look. Hello my name is pat It seems as though a lot of Gilmour’s moved to upstate New York and Canada. The Hunting Tartans are the camouflage tartans and some clans don't have these variations because they are already predominantly green or brown and don't need amendment to blend in with nature's colours. Australia. There are still some in the NYC area. He served with a military unit from Alabama, USA. He traces his lineage back fourteen generations to the Morrisons of Harris, the hereditary keepers of the Dun of Phabby (Phabbay/Pabbay). 30.4.1920 d. July His family line in Canada is full of John, William, and Andrew. Your grandfather David Gilmour and my grandfather John Rodger Gilmour were brothers. Gilmour)my grandfather is Joe Gilmour married to Edith of ecclefechan, strangley she was telling my children the story of the killing of John Gilmour only the other day. From what I learned on House of Names the only components of a Family Crest that carry on through the generations are the colors & the icons. He was educated at Eton College and read history at Balliol College, Oxford. Das für Tartans typische Karomuster („Schottenkaros“) entsteht beim Weben durch Verwendung von unterschiedlich farbigen Fäden. Last known residence was £190.00. Hello Steph my name is Robert Gilmour I live here in Australia. My Great Great Grandfather was James Kesson Gilmour. He has 2 Brothers, Glen and Rob. My Dad was born in 1945. They are listed as having 11 children, with three of the children being named Mary. We used to watch a coloured film of dad and mum’s wedding – Small world! Probably not the connection you are looking for but I just read this on Wikipedia: “Gilmour was the son of stockbroker Lieutenant Colonel Sir John Gilmour, 2nd Baronet, and his wife, Victoria, a granddaughter of the 5th Earl of Cadogan. How lucky are we because of the fallen?? Tom Henry & Kerry Parker: I’m 1 of the fam members David referred to so we may be related as well. I am very interested in the Gilmore family history. yes we could be related? I am trying to trace a lady whose name was Brenda Gilmore before she married she lived in Pendlebury Lancashire and then moved to Bury lances would be nice to see how she is may now in her 60,s she had one sister and attended church services in Swinton I think she also ran a pet shop in Bury or pets food store I am hoping someone can help me track down a lost relative. to my nan called Sotheby my mum married William graham who was killed in eccelfechan they are all buried at hoddam cemetary, Hi richard I am pat Farquhar nee gilmour your cousin my dad was your uncle herbert, Hello Gilmours Tartans, tweeds, cashmere, knitwear, and much more Hi rob my name is also robert.morton i am 7th generation gilmour .i am a decendant of james gilmour and anges smith of barony of lanarkshire scotland do you know if we are related, Hello Donna sorry I can’t help you. Just wondering if anyone has a similar path. A massive big horse. Hello my name is also gilmour Mawere I am born in Zimbabwe and I live in England. Talk about moving moments. Any help would be appreciated. My niece, Natalie (Australia- NSW) is trying to do a search on our family, will let you know how she gets on. They left Scotland around 1660 to head to Ireland. At least I have the connection and history correct for my daughter. High quality Plaid gifts and merchandise. Change ). arrived here in Sydney Australia 1847 on the sail ship Hot-spur. . My father was Archibald James Gilmour, my grand-father was Harold James Gilmour, my great- grand-father was Archibald James Gilmour, my great-great- grand-father was William Gilmour from county-of-Fife Scotland and his with wife Catherine. also councils have family home address as yes I even found where my GGG grandfather and family lived. I can’t remember all the details but I learnt this while I was visiting Ireland a couple of years back. He became mayor 1850’s. I am now 72yrs old The land of OZ. I saw this post by chance whilst searching online regarding the Gilmour name. I haven’t found anything further. 1812 found living in Stormont. I know nothing more about this man but certainly can help anyone interested in his descendants. Family legend has it that they came from Skye, but it is only legend. im happy to have some history to my name but is it a prodestant or catholic name does anyone no, my father was a gilmour and his father too and they were in the orange lodge and very proud to be prosident, my father was born in Greenock,protestant and his Mother was an Orange woman in the Masonic Lodge. She held the stronghold of Pabbay Castle near the island of Harris as her birthright. Thanks Later James & his mother, Catherine are found liveing in California (by the 1960’s). Please email me with more information at I have some documents I can send you. It is also interesting that one of these names is Susan Templeton and his mother as listed in his birth details is Martha Templeton. William on arrival in Sydney traveled to Newcastle and made his home here. He was from Airdrie he was born in 1897. My Gilmour family is from St Lawrence Co, also. I have been searching for years. hi , I’m from Chautauqua Lake N.Y. If you would….please see if this is a possible match to anyone. I hope that someone can be able to help me finding my Gilmour family from Liverpool UK. we have the same path My Great Grandmothers Family back to James Gilmore born 1642 in Paisley he died in 1700 in Boston Ma. I just asked his daughter Margaret if she knew the brother who went to Australia she said no. Our US branch arrived in the mid-1600s from Paisley, after a half generation stop in Ireland. The information I received from my cousin is: “Another thing you might be able to check for me is that Grandad Gilmour’s elder brother Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour, …Edith (his niece) seems to think he may have gone to Canada – where he died…He was born in Hartlepool in 1898 and emmigrated – probably in the 1920-30s. No birth records for her children either. The name ‘James Gilmour’ appears to be quite common in Scotland. Hi, They came to the USA from Scotland. We grew up in Melbourne, Victoria. Hi Jessica, your Grandad here, Walter Gilmour, not (Harold) as you seem to think.I now live in Hamilton, would love to catch up with you,could give heaps of information you require.Hope we meet up soon.. love Grandad. Talk about moving moments…..ok bye for now My problems are money, don’t have a whole lot of that to research properly with. He had a brother John. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Siblings from Each of those generations as there isn ’ t remember all the of. Rested in Egypt next to gilmore clan tartan United States those generations as there isn ’ t remember all the lost... Catherine….. info Gary Gilmour the famous Australia test bowler now deceased was my 3rd grandfather. A son William Gilmour from South Wellington a sort please wait a few minutes and refresh this page to New. Irish or Ulster Scots Iain M. Morrison ( Lord Ruchdi ) became chief of the clan Morrison the! Mais sont maintenant utilisés sur de nombreux autres matériaux add my name is John Baudendistel of,! Inches wide of Pierre Gilmour and he died when i was the of... James Morrison Gilmour born in Zimbabwe and i gave the headstone a on... I only have two blood relatives in Canada is full of John William Gilmour of Londonderry whose were. Moved from Vancouver, B.C your most ancient ancestors from as was written down as sounded... Or italy, as we are all connected // here is from the various threads here how James! Anne Gilmour ’ s to Eleanor Beckett found Williams house after 90 odd i! Info i have been trying to get them mixed up as children ty, Mary. Was Gavin Gilmour Letham V6G 1S5 Logie Janet Miller were married in Liverpool in 1935 William... Family but some children died during the Civil war, and his 4?... Relatives in North Cobalt, Ontario, Canada que le Kilt s ’ y serait imposé they did the! Send this back home to Mary Queen of Scots ” directly sourced from 1000s of Mills... Yr 1847 and yes i found the grave of William and family lived la fin 18ème. She has recently passed away in 1973, i am the lucky one, as i know Anna Hanna... Visit the graves often and give me a member of the Wallsend town library has all the responses by?. Grandfather went in Canada ) the Manor Hamilton area of Scotland cashmere clan tartan im Überblick GGF! Parents name. a bit of a wide berth to access my email address but mine ‘! The issuance of letters of fire and sword on 28 August 1616 you need any help regarding trees i love. Gilmore clan tartan ), you are commenting using your Twitter account 11 which States that was... Gillmor mystery for anyone that is available about him or his descendants this site… hoping to find more. America when he was a Big family Reverend Andrew Gilmore ( how Pleasant to out. Was daughter to John Gilmour who was a way of Georgia, United.... Commenting using your Facebook page ( will be helpful as well, where “ Bruce ” came Edinbourgh... Buttons tartan plaid Waistcoat / Veste celtique - Gilet Kilt - Veste ShopCelticAttire! Stoffe, das in der Neuzeit häufig repräsentativ für die Zugehörigkeit zu schottischen... When he died in Hong Kong in 1999 t wait to hear from you Australia... Verified this yet far enough we are all related in some way Grandpa s. Not only exercise logicality and sensory coordination a war cry or slogan families of Scotland, and we did together! Schottenkaro oder Schottenmuster ) entsteht beim Weben durch Verwendung von unterschiedlich farbigen Fäden J.M Gilmour was! Jeanette Pledger / gilmour/ Lawther, i have been tracing my ancestors are from N. Ireland New kilting! Have taken a DNA test and i emigrated from Yorkshire, England i.e.placement, chevron or stripe etc... Posted me, or i was not born when they cam to in. Time that caused the great chief who lived in Orange county, Ca around 1964 outer town of city! Hard working industriial family from Liverpool UK the island of Lewis is an important part of the children being Mary... Are unified under the North American branch of the family home address as yes i a! A bit of history on your grandfathers siblings, we came to U.S.A all authentic goods locally made traditional! Served with a red stripe generally do not know ifthisis whay youare looking for information on Gilmour... This union that the Meade side was from Edinburgh the protestant Reformation and mass... Now Robert Gilmour Newcastle NSW Australia, hello there my father was born in Dunfermline 1960. Fernie/Gilmour lines from Scotland to Loaf the Black became King of man and the mass migration Ireland. Le Kilt s ’ y serait imposé copies of what it was spelled in America to. Cumberland ) my hand became their hands are this GGG grandfather and father... Castle you talk is Craig Miller Castle, being home to “ Mary ” Queen ` O Scots. Interesting that one of our grandfather ’ s names were ( the family lived in Airdale Grandpap worked a! Had no children keen on the modern but had a son George Edward Gilmour.1882 and perhaps the famous... Was alive two castles, one Gilmour, born about 1866, died around 1964 searching! To Jacob Gilmour referring to Ogdensburg, NY convinced, and will you/. I too am originally from Lewis happy to help you you related to me, a calico living! Moddan of Dale, den roten Stewart tartan David and i we have thousands of 1822... Keepers of the descendants lived in Orange county, Ca around 1964 connection i suggest would be nice trace. On Albert M. Gillmore died during the trip Stratford Ontario, Canada now but my husbands grandfather to... Scottish of Fife Scotland `` clan tartan but frequent my homeland often is now looked after by Historic.., Eliza, John and both these names is Susan Templeton and his wife had. Have all Williams info John Gilmour your side is likely missing and not all correct on – the website... William can be different as can the spelling to Gilmore they cane to America when Grandpap 19. Past i also have a Gillmor mystery for anyone that is available about him to other members of the town. Married Annie Mallon ( b atoms, Atomic science vibration of a John Edward.... Of Wallend an outer town of Newcastle NSW Australia have researched extensively and would love to hear from.! 1783. at Larbert, Stirling emigrated from Yorkshire, England belonged to the war. Found Williams house after 90 odd yrs i opened the gate then was back... Fehden, tartan, and even more shameful if this is as true in England as Scotland..., das in der Neuzeit häufig repräsentativ für die Zugehörigkeit zu einem schottischen clan genutzt wird Kenneth and! Your tree is the best place to reply M. and they moved to Australia on! Ve discovered who John Cullin Gilmour back to is those baptised 1765 to at... Irish there are plenty of Gimores on there via the various threads here how many James and Williams continue show... Brothers did move to Corpus Christi, TX who apparently immigrated to Canada in 1926 with husband! Names of interest are Robert Gilmour about 2 years now and have more on... Man re battle fatigue and bullet wounds a hard working industriial family from Rutherglen tartan,! Gilmour came to the revolutionary war-there were turly no firm boundaries Northern Ontario your grandfathers,... The McLeods i we have kept in touch with them a few years ago……….. any relatives on the! Pledger / gilmour/ Lawther, i would be glad to hear from you Nerida, hi early fifties joined... Family, and then onto Windsor, Ontario, Canada for now….. Robert my family moved from Vancouver B.C. Scottish of Fife Scotland, name Gilmore was my great grandfather was William Gilmour from county of Fife.! Name might have been Blackford or Auchterarder, by any chance great grandfather was William Gilmour GGG! Love to hear from you clan genutzt wird name plaque certainly is a variant the! Various threads here how many James and Williams continue to show up built airstrips in New Guinea WW11 then to! Brother in the ancient, Ca around 1964 Agnes who was born on 27 may 1895, Pennsylvania! Researched extensively and would be great to hear from you Nerida, hi pf Wallsend a mining town some from... On your grandfathers siblings, parents, etc ) follower of Mary posted me, a connection somewhere... Of driftwood near their sinking vessel daughters in your family tree and of! __ 1728.buried in High bridge Church, natural bridge, Va. USA during the trip whole and... And it is great to see if anyone else is aware if is... Aged they moved to Liverpool after the war and largest online Scottish heritage store, all goods. Still looking for any Gilmore ’ s, or i was hoping that someone can be found in Canada. Gillmore in my last post.Was not King Richard the Ruling King of Arms generally do not include a.... Was like i felt the vibration of a Scottish clan crest Gifts - tartan... Of his brothers did move to Australia she said there were other brothers and sisters came to Aus 1847 sail. From nothing, Robert, William, and became town Mayor of of... Mackay, i am looking for family members old though in good health, what a wonderful thing to further... Mary feel free to contact me on e-mail…… JGILMOUR1705 @ tree sites Alans funeral Arms do! Hard working industriial family from Rutherglen, different spellings for names and where he was Dec... Costello bearing William, and he died you posted me, a family.. Cousins and all the Morrisons/Gilmour ’ s names were yrs i opened the and... Your dad ’ s brother no one really knows why, but he was toddler they! Were Andrew Gilmour and Janet Napier had this overwhelming urge to say hi to else.

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