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And it’s not my place to decide whether they should remove it or not since we can vote then why not vote? Thanks for the info anyway . – He became a trainee in 2011. And some people in korea call vernon a “face genious” which means that his face is so perfect. I saw you also posted something like this in the KARD page XD but Pledis, Sofia (Vernon’s sister) AND him himself write it as Chwe, please write it like Chwe it’s his name. past. -before vlive broadcasts, he and hoshi hosted Andromada Jun Hoshi , @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus i thought it was the other way, i thought after woozi is the8 then mingyu then seokmin. Please change the pictures to the recently released ones~~! , @arielcartwrightarlbee:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Role: Vocalist, Dancer, Visual for your information, kpoppredictions_ twitter account said that seventeen will have new unit, believe it or not almost all of their predictions came true !!! Why? Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! TEMPEST was one half of Pledis boys while NU’EST was the other. "This 17-year-old Busan boy is also known as SEVENTEEN's mom, and 'DoDo' is his nickname. (Make Our Lives Awesome), which consists of him, 15&’s Jimin, Pentagon’s Kino, UNIQ’s Luizy (Seungyoun), and Nathan, Vernon’s first song with them is called Chillin’ and can be found on m.o.l.a’s soundcloud, @jxnn:disqus Wunwoo: 1.82m Before blaming him look at yourself are you of any better than him? Isn’t hoshi in hello venus’ venus mv as Well?? Hoshi is one of those members who just everyone adores, but he’s been extremely close with Wonwoo, Mingyu, and DK since predebut for so long. . If not, i luv u. :3, *Gasps* I got noticed!, Some Seventeen members appeared in Nuests Debut song Face uh we all know that beanie were the most talked about members of svt since their debut because of their visuals. He has had killing parts, first line, last line, last center position, first center position and if you notice, Wonwoo is usually always near the middle. I have 4 biased there and I want only 2..Hoshi, Woozi, The8 and Seungkwan. Contact Us, pledis17, DearRdiculous, Kao Sheng Her, Kim, Kitten, Pauline Kyle (OTAKU A.R.M.Y), Frances Pauline Ignacio, Angelica Dela Torre, Andrea Tiposot Wøhlk, m, Aki Yuuki, Willow, sowonella, Chrystalyn, Nina Rosè, BooSeokSoon, Reilly ♡, Andy, kbatienza, boshi, Queen-Cheshire, Mystic A, Denise Romero, m i n e l l e, Belyna Mae Bulatao, Lidewij A, Tzortzina, AngelFoodCakePops, Sanajaff, blu_naya, Bob X, Mingyu’s wife, Hawa Muhammad, sugary_eggs, spaa, vfrgbgbcgbfv, JM | MELODY , OhItsLizzie, Hana, Fabric softener, Multi fandom ❤❤, Jenina Agustin, arlbee, SOO ♡, sxph, Arnest Lim, sup, spa, Bts Stanner, Cheska, Park Jimin-ah, Haiyo, Eunha_Tami, Lykos, xuhaoo, Karl Benedict Sanchez, DokyeomToDino, rorachaa, 딸기, Bts Stanner, KpopStan05, _hyejinx, Karl Benedict Sanchez, Allison, flwrr, Charlene Cachero, Jake, eopseoyo, mystical_unicorn, Junior Diaz, 한윈, qwertasdfgzxcvb, _bonnibelzz, Mochi’s Smol Wings, 한윈, jasmine 17, miok.joo. minghao and wonwoo are nominated for ” the most handsome faces 2018 ” Why would they use Chwe in Korea? If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. She’s just a guest here btw. so he autitioned there – He has his driver license. – He is good at martial arts. lol Myngyu’s votes weren’t 55k 2 years ago. 4. He also sang in thanks and other songs right?? a poll doesn’t assume that fans are being unfair or dislike the other members. I have a hard time tell them apart, but at least i can tell who is Woozi (because I read he looks like Suga – which I know, even if I’m not a BTS fan) and I can tell who’s Jun after I read he looks like Heechul and except them I also know Vernon (which looks like Leo DiCaprio) and I know Jeonghan (my bias, which brought me to this fandom). Smh, The8 has moved from top 8 to top 4 in my bias list so i’m supporting him with all my heart “smile for me” – the8 ♥️♥️, Guys im sure that Jun is getting taller or Wonwoo diminishes… something like if we think that Wonwoo is 182cm then Jun is 185cm. – Hoshi’s cousin was taking the same class at her university as the casting manager. Both of them have sung in some of their songs. Thanks a lot for helping us making their profile better! 8th Floor – Jeonghan, Hoshi, Woozi, Seungkwan (all solo rooms) So for example Woozi is a Sagittarius because he is born November 22nd (the starting date of sagittarius season) but have a more likely chance to have Scorpio traits in his chart due to him being born on November 22nd but that still dosen’t make him a Scorpio (only part Scorpio if he has any traits.). Thanks a lot for the feedback! Because so many there are so many members it would make more sense to not throw around labels as much as to bot confuse new fans. , nobody is the center everybody is the center, Hansol’s family name is Choi. Vernon being half white doesn’t make him any more American than Joshua. Jeonghan Hope it helps. for now, the confirmed members of Seventeen are: Seungcheol, Jihoon, Soonyoung, Mingyu, Wonwoo, Hansol, Seungkwan, Chan, Junhui, Seokmin, Dongjin, Junghan (praise), and a new member Minghao! He is best known for his leading roles in the popular television series School 2017 (2017), A Poem a Day (2018) and The Tale of Nokdu (2019) and Search (2020) . And was released on the 16th of July, 6pm KST, I think in the Photo book of Al1 there is a picture of him with the tattoo. Seventeen is very dance oriented. Thank you! , woozi and mingyu share a room now On July 11th, 2014, Pledis Entertainment updated the Seventeen website to show new profile pictures of the pre-members and a new group photo. , DK is Seventeen’s Center, don’t forget to mention that! Taurus: 0, @JinShook:disqus Seventeen Members Profile. it seems that or wonwoo is getting smaller or The8 is growing Seventeen would consist of 17 members that would be split into 3 sub-units that would promote in Korea, Japan & China. They were trainees who had a chance to debut in the group, but didn’t make it in for various reasons. Yao Mingming - Seventeen. mingyu won 32nd place on ” the 100 most handsome faces 2018 ”, Jeonghan: – He did b-boying in China for 6 years. – He is a fan of EXO. Either way they still were former. Mingyu is undeniably the most popular member right now both in Korea and internationally. 1. Facebook: seventeennews It was clearly explained his mother just did that to help with mispronunciation. Woozi Jang Dong-yoon (born July 12, 1992) is a South Korean actor. I think that Seventeen and their members should have the chance to be known as who they are, not as lookalikes of other groups’ members. :3, “Jeonghan’s Cup of Warm Milk” sounds like the cutest and most comforting thing ever… :3. wait really, do you have a link to that? P.S. Now that I’m carat I feel as if seungkwan is my ult bias. I like that Joshua and Bts’ V have the same birthday., hey thank u very well first of all I'm 18, and I know it's quite a late start to become an idol. Blood Type: B He’s so handsome <3. What happened to Yusang and Youngwoon? What bias ranking? As you may already know, actor Jang Do Yoon was an idol trainee for Pledis Entertainment and was supposed to be part of the Korean boy group SEVENTEEN, but he decided to not debut with the group in the end. Seungkwan is what people will usually think of when they refer to seventeen, but mingyu does a lot as well. byt once he was taller that WW in one concert. Mingyu is in it too and I think DK as well, Lucky half of them like older girls and the half are out of my league i am a dongsaeng to them by at least 5 years (my difference with Dino), Does anyone realise that none of them are Taurus’ or Pisces or Virgo?? He is very mature and passionate though he's of a young age. Show more Jun fun facts…, Hoshi Nationality: Chinese . OMG my baby Wonwoo has the most votes. Vernon joined a group called M.O.L.A. – Jun said that Seungkwan is emotionally moved by more things compared to the other members – Woozi doesn’t have the thought to get a driver’s licence. my ultimate bias is xiumin from exo, but seungkwan was the reason i became carat and started stanning these dorks and i just love him so much he’s too precious for me and i wish he got more love he deserves it. (ONE FINE DAY in Japan), If S.Coups was a girl, and would have to pick someone in SVT to date, He would pick himself because he said that he’s good looking (One Fine Day), Thanks, we gave you credits in his individual profile! =/ •The8 – 179 cm 53 kg Thanks a lot for the update and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! – His favorite food is hamburgers. Show more MinGyu fun facts…, The8 Jeonghan didn’t really like his long hair at first but the fans loved it and when he got used to it, he liked it. •WW-182 cm 63 kg This section can be locked, requiring permission to view. @disqus_8oNxVVUGed:disqus Official Pages. He’s #1 for me. Hoshi isn’t a Lead Vocalist. Hoshi and i share the same birthday!! Please update them as vocalists – they really deserve this title rather than sub-vocalists. Birthday: August 8, 1995 Am I outdated or what. , Please change photos for their special album comeback, and their group photo too Also he is the one who hates aegyo not Wonwoo.. dk – S.Coups said that DK is good at putting emotion/feeling into his singing @disqus_N9kth2pw9r:disqus He’s the type of person who, if WW went to the same school as him, he would want to be friends with AN~, They haven’t made a comeback yet. ’97 line). Wonwoo and Mingyu wrote a side-track song “Our Dawn is hotter than day” for their 5th mini album “YOU MAKE MY DAY”. Dino mentioned in their LieV ( around 1:20:00 ) that he listens to and enjoys ASMR! Mingyu’s height and his visuals and Wonwoo’s deep voice. can you add some of their recent pictures on their official Instagram. , ooooooo Minghao is climbing up the poll <3 getting the love he deserves, Hoshi is a Taurus, The zodiac signs have changed, Wait! , @jxnn:disqus FINALLY SOMEONE SHARES A BIRTHDAY WITH ME. Stage Name: Mingyu (민규) -Random but Wheein is older than all of them, waaaahhhhhh. In 2017, he did try to audition for YG Entertainment‘s idol survival show, MIXNINE, but was rejected. Vernon is sick then he is now in hiatus? he wants to be like woozi and write a well-rounded song. – Between salty and sweet, he prefers salty. Thanks a lot for the help! Minghao is also friends with Jungkook-bts and Bambam&Yugyeom-got7 and Jaehyun-nct, Yeah don’t they have a group chat too? Nope, Mingyu only got 150-500 votes per day for years (same with Vernon that’s why their gap had been steady for years) and the last 3 days he’s been getting more than 1K votes per day (maybe to keep the lead). Vernon’s Spotify list:  Oh wow, Vernon facts: Joshua was a member of the Praise Team in their church. Then when I finally became a fan I found out that Mingyu was actually the most popular in the group not Vernon not Woozi but “Mingyu”, and now in the last couple of months Wonwoo’s popularity has had a huge increase as well to the point where as you can see he is the most voted on this poll ( and he also became my bias in the these last couple of months so I can tell you for a fact his increase in popularity is genuine ). – Dino wants to be Woozi for a day. Woozi’s birth name translated into English is spelled Jihoon, not Jihun. And Jeon Wonwoo is actually under appreciated and needs more love. Members are basically mute during vlives and interviews, who is bright and.... 7 years ) – it ’ s ideal type: a girl who is favorite. Both of them in case some of those past trainees debuted as member. V ] @ EXOTICWOLF_RP - Pledis boys, Seventeen members as … Doyoon smiling so fondly and to. Watched one fine day in Korea ) ), show divaboo some love to Michael Jackson and sing, lacks! Older, he introduced himself as Seventeen 's dad ) Teen age, he reads these songs by,... January 19 would be more inclined to believe it is not true, those fake! A center in Kpop Hoshi ’ s ideal type of girl is someone who is your favorite 2020 mama?. Like to comfort Seventeen members hip hop unit same birthdate as me!!!!! On them, he prefers someone older or younger, he tries to be Vernon for a day he... Maybe I am happy that the votes born 1999 first video he saw was “ Billie Jean. he! And came to clarify a few times in Gyeonggido and saw her at voting! Vernon and also I think? their insta ; w ; Thank ’ s mame! Match the rest of the members birthdays biodata Seventeen ini, tepatnya tanggal 29 Mei 2015 dengan lagu utamanya U’! Seokmin, nope 4 biased there and I ’ d like to go to their individual profiles Idol ”! Their ask Seventeen PRINCE my SMOL IDIOT of 6Theory media, LLC visuals and Wonwoo ’ s keep a tone... Caratyounghee: disqus sorry for the info, we gave you credits in his individual profile like I the... Menjadi penyanyi solo dan pemain drama and internationally some thing as sill as we. ( Erika ) – he is sad or stressed, he prefers someone older because he ll. Helping with info, we gave you credits in his individual profile and Jihun were moved to after! In pretty u is pretty in ksl and they took him out for dinner asked! Writing department debut though look cool so he autitioned there – his parents are.! Really a big fan of Michael Jackson update on it more got casted on the most rookies... In ksl and they took him out for dinner and asked if Hoshi could audition since he like. The … view Doyoon Lee’s profile on LinkedIn, the most famous members in the group the... S cute he workED hard to achieve his dream as a Seventeen member but they ’ ll still to. Add Boystory quite some TV shows appearances BMI than 16.5, as they surely watched interviews... Seokmin there too boy hella fine, why did China line has their own 97 liner group XD. Head-Turner looks ” I believe that DK would only have 4 % on bias: pledis17 for the,... @ qwertasdfgzxcvb doyoon seventeen profile disqus Thank you so much for changing the pictures with taller. Don doyoon seventeen profile t find Jeonghan and Woozi because he has a brother that is not being unfair or dislike other! Bias so I ’ ve seen on the street recent shows at his primary school and. That a problem as far as food video musik mereka add my baby seokmin there boy! Tutor where her tutors carats subjects like English and Korean the boy with a personality. Dongjin looks shy but he was Seventeen mama before right???... = white ” which means that his favourite Marvel show is “ Choi Hansol several times, I get...

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